How to resolve Indexed, Not Submitted In Sitemap In Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a great tool for webmasters to monitor and increase their search rankings on Google. However, it behaves unreasonably from time to time and reports some errors on our websites even though they are not actually available.
Two of those common mistakes are the mobile usage error and the "Indexed, Not submitted in Sitemap" error.
How to resolve Indexed, Not Submitted In Sitemap In google Search Console
Indexed, Not submitted in Sitemap

In this guide, we will learn how to troubleshoot the "Indexed, Not Submitted in Sitemap" issue that Google Search Console shows us, each time we try to submit a new article searching for a console.
resolve Indexed, Not Submitted In Sitemap

The message looks like

What does "Draw, Not Included in Sitemap" mean?

This means that after the Google bot crawled the page after receiving your request, it realized that it had never seen that URL before in your browser. But that does not mean that the URL was not updated in your sitemap at checkout.

If you use Google Blogger to host your website, then you can be sure that a URL is added to your site as soon as you publish the post. This is because Blogger automatically generates a sitemap, which is available at (your domain name) .com / sitemap.xml.

If you use WordPress or any other automated platform, then you have two options, or you can manually build your site and update it every time you publish a new post or help automated SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or rank stats to build and maintain a map it is automatically renewed.

So as we can see, in both cases, the URL can be heard correctly on Sitemap. But anyway, Google is showing us that error message.

Now let's learn, why Google shows this message.

Why Does Google Display That Message or URL Present On a Sitemap?

This is because Google doesn't update your map immediately after it's updated. So, when it finds a new URL associated with your site, it tries to find it in the old version of your site stored in its memory, and, as a result, fails to find it.

Now, this depends on the frequency of Google's hosting your site. The higher your crawling frequency, the faster your sitemap is expected to be picked up by Google.

You can learn how Google sets the frequency of domain domains, from here:

Now let's learn, how to fix this problem.

How to resolve Indexed, Not Submitted In Sitemap In Google Search Console

After publishing a page or post, first, we need to make sure it is successfully added to the first article. To do that, we need to visit our map and look at the URL of the article we just published.

If you don't know what your site's URL is, you can visit your SEO plugin website and check it out or ask your site's developer for it.

In this example, we work with the URL:, which is the URL to post to this site.

So first of all, we are moving towards our own.

Now by doing a simple search (CTRL + F), we can confirm that the URL is on the site.

We now need to update the map in Google memory. To do that, just go to Google Search Console -> Site Maps

You will see that the sitemap already exists but the "read" date is older. So, just post the same sitemap again.

After hitting the SUBMIT button, you'll see that the last "read" date has finally been changed to the current date. This means the latest revised Sitemap is now stored in Google memory.

Note: Although the Google Search Console memory map should contain the URL for your most recent posts, it is still recommended to wait 10 minutes before moving on to the next section. This is because the GSC (Google Search Console) is sometimes under construction, which causes delays in its operation.

Now, we'll also use the URL testing tool, to see what results in it provides.

As you can see, the "Indexed, Not Submitted in Sitemap" argument in the Google Search Console (GSC) was successfully resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Higher Domain High After Problem Solving?

Nope. Downloading and giving directions are two different things. The display only moves your content to Google. Google decides to use its own secret algorithm to determine which of your posts should be in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Why are “site Maps: N \ A” shown?

It means that the URL of his post/page was not found on your sitemap by Google. Solved in this article.

What does it mean to “referring page: None Found”?

It means that no page is redirected to the current page by temporarily redirecting (301) or temporarily (302).

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