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So we are almost in the middle of 2020 and I guess it's the right time to talk about all the updates and changes that happen on Latest Pinterest updates.

this year so far the changes are quite dramatic and I know a lot of people are searching for this exact video to find some clarity on what's going on on Latest Pinterest update 2020 I'm here to help you get your head around it hi I'm Rahul of I'm a Pinterest marketing expert and on this blog.
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Pinterest updates

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About Pinterest updates:- the previous post I made in September 2019 and it was a wrap up of all the changes that happened last year if you're curious to see what you missed I will give you a link to that post in this one but the thing about updates is that they just keep happening and of course I can make a new post every month about the new stuff happening on Pinterest updates.

what I can do though is Pinterest update the article on my site.

which is a chronological collection of all the recent changes and updates on Pinterest.
I will give you a link to that page in the info icon in the top right corner and in the so if you watch this post one blog a month or maybe three months later than.
I publish it and you're not sure if it's still up to date all you have to do is visit this page on my site and I'll keep adding.
the information about new updates every time something important happens on Pinterest it's just so much easier to quickly update the page rather made a new live session with tail and scheduler to address some of the questions about the algorithm changes and updates on the platform that seemed to affect a lot of accounts.
just to remind you in February 2020 Pinterest updates specify for you

1.what other daily painting limits 

how often you can rip in the pins that you created safely without putting your account into the risk of being suspended and also what Pinterest means when they talk about fresh pins on the platform a lot of people who watched the live session in June we're not quite happy with it as it seemed that it didn't actually address the question of what is actually going on with algorithm and what we as content creators should do to stay on top of all of these updates.
well, I can honestly tell you I wasn't surprised too much that Pinterest representative didn't tell us exactly what's going on and mostly shiri emphasized. it is important to create fresh beans and fresh content

To please the new Pinterest updates algorithm we knew it since February didn't we just didn'trealize that one day we will actually see and feel this algorithm update affecting our traffic from Pinterest marketing so if you ask my opinion on what's going on it's quite simple Pinterest gave us a heads up in February and March about the coming algorithm change and now they're actually implementing it by giving.
more space in the field and in the search results to fresh beans compared to the pins that have lots of repeats so accounts that used to get a lot of traffic because their pins were so popular in had lots of repeats on the platform are now affected and they're losing traffic because Pinterest update problems is slowly but steadily pushing more and more fresh pins to the feed another question that was addressed during this call is whether or not it's good to keep using tailwind schedule if you're not sure what tell when this I can really tell you that it's an authorized Pinterest partner that allows you to automate and schedule your pinning even months in advance.

I have a detailed detail wind tutorial on my blog and I will give you a link to it in the description below this post 10 in the top right corner so there were some rumors based on confusing responses from some of the Pinterest support agents that it might be best to upload pins directly on Pinterest versus scheduling them with a third-party tool but during this live session that I'm talking about Pinterest, representatives made it clear that it's absolutely fine to use either native Pinterest update problems scheduler or a third-party scheduler like tailwind so guys as long as you are creating fresh pins that's all that really matters for Pinterest as for repent Pinterest representative confirmed that they will be still getting some distribution on the platform.
but not as much as before and the best way to grow your account and traffic from Pinterest is really by creating fresh pins so this was the most recent information about Pinterest algorithm changes and now if you don't mind I will switch to my screen to show you the other updates and new features that appeared on Pinterest recently but will only go as far as the beginning of 2020 and I will not cover in this post anything that happened last year and before.
I go there I just wanted to tell you that you can always count on me for giving you the most up-to-date information about Pinterest marketing in my Pinterest SEO traffic secrets course.

I cannot always publish new virtual like this one on the blog super fast as soon as anything important happens. but I surely can inform the members of my program about these changes in the student-only Facebook group that comes as a bonus with my course.

If you want to learn more about it.
it and if you want to see some of the results that my students achieve. I will give you a link to my course page in the top right corner and in this post. so I opened it actually this page with updates and I want to talk about the next thing it's a new type of penalty that showed up and/or became clear in

June 2020 it's when Pinterest the indexed pins on certain Pinterest accounts.

so first I wanted to talk about a more regular wave of account suspensions that was related to an overly aggressive spam filter and it affected many sites and accounts as usual when it this happens in maths. Pinterest seems to unsuspended counts pretty quickly sometimes it was enough.
just to appeal using the link in the email that Pinterest sent to those accounts and them 24 hours it was all fixed some time sit needed a few emails or email exchange with support but it usually for lighted accounts Pinterest fixes this quickly but there also was another issue that some accounts haven't been just suspended or their domains were not blocked at all but they experienced a sudden and drastic drop in impressions on Pinterest and also drop of traffic from Pinterest and also those accounts noticed the most unusual issue all of their pins were gone from Pinterest search results.

we can call it they were de-indexed and impressions

this cases didn't drop to zero you can see here that when this kind of penalty happens Pinterest doesn't suspend or block your account so when your domain is not blocked you're still receiving some amount of impressions but they're drastically dropping and then they're staying on almost the same level for a long period of time and where these impressions are coming from my idea is that they're coming from the follower of your account so Pinterest removes your pins from all the search results.

but they're still shown to your followers and so that's why you're getting this more or less stable line of impressions now.

I have to tell you that the first signs of this type of penalty happened around March and April and in that wave when it happened Pinterest usually apologized to the account.
owners and said that they will need some time to investigate what happened and then when they finally acknowledged that there was some issue they said that they will fix it within ten days all the pins will very indexed and you can see on this screenshot that more or less the same amount of traffic or impressions came back to this account after this panel team what I noticed on various.

Facebook groups where it is a lot of bloggers or Pinterest marketers I noticed that in June specifically, this issue came back but much stronger.
because more accounts were affected and now more people were sharing this kind of screenshots and not many of them yet have been able to recover their accounts from this the next thing that is worth talking about is what happened.

April 2020 Pinterest introduced product search results.

some shopping queries and they also introduced this new tabs called the shop and explore now Pinterest doesn't show this for all types of keywords but for many keywords that might have a shopping intent,

for example,
  1. spring outfits office decor kitchen remodel ideas Pinterest start showing instead of regular search results 
  2. these two tabs as you can see here on the screenshot maybe. 
  3. I can show you on so kitchen remodels ideas if.
  4. I open kitchen remodel days.
  5. you will see explore feed and then shop feed.
  6. so the explore feed is going to show.
  7. you all kinds of pins if you see here. 
  8. what kind of links are showing up they are not.

just product pins their various pins from websites and blogs. but if I click on the shop feed you will notice here just product pins. because they have this price tag so I'm sure that equal sites are now more than happy with Pinterest.

because they're getting their own shop feed and for so many keywords you're now able to directly get into the feeds of people who want to shop and even on this explore feed like I said you are getting a lot more organic results here I mean regular pins article pins blogs post pins. but you also have some amount of product pins

for example
this one is linked to Etsy and it has price over here so this is also product pin and some product pins do show up and some even promoted pins also, of course, show up here some people.
I noticed we're a little bit confused about this new type of keywords because they couldn't do some additional keyword research.
but I wanted just to show you that when I remove the keyword ideas from here I had kitchen remodel ideas and it was showing me shop and explore feed and didn't show me any search suggestions and once.

I removed the Kim Kyu kitchen model once.
I removed the ideas from here from the keyword immediately Pinterest started showing me some additional keywords so you can still do keyword research and just that you need to do a little bit of experimenting and testing and finding those keywords that are not showing these two tabs and then if you find them you cannot then continue yours keyword research here from Pinterest search results you probably know that I'm sharing the best comment in every week's video so if you have something positive and inspiring to say and you want to get a free shout out on my blog just leave your comments on my latest post and this week's shout-out goes to Jessica and here is what she said you honestly have helped me so much already in this one post and another one I watched just before this one like oh my god thank you I'm finally learning.

how to use Pinterest properly thank you so much and thank you for your clear honesty in all that you say well thank you for watching my blog I'm happy you're learning from my virtual sand let us know how your Pinterest journey goes and there was another update in March so you noticed probably now I'm going backward and first showing you the most recent pinterest updates and now I'm going back to the beginning of the year and in March of 2020, a Pinterest introduced for mobile apps only introduced a new tab called today it's something similar to what Pinterest updates used to have and it was called Explorer I would say that it's the most similar explanation to what today tab is because it's a source of daily inspiration with curated topics and trending pins that make it easy to explore and to explore popular in timely ideas so you can tell that it's another variation of exploring feed that was some time ago was removed. from Pinterest now it's called today and it's only for mobile apps at the moment and then another thing that happened around March and it's still going on Pinterest added censored search results for a variety of keywords.
related to the as more content creators that are creating pins around this topic and as Pinterest updates states here if you search for code 19these keywords and some other keywords like maybe coronavirus or maybe pandemic or quarantine you need to search for each keyword because for each keyword they give different types of warnings over here but for example for this keyword they say that pins about this topic of violating our Community Guidelines.

which prohibit harmful medical and mid information 

because of this with limited search results in two pins from internationally recognized health organizations so if you go through the search results you'll notice that all of them go to the side of this World Health Organization and there is nothing else so if you're targeting keywords like.

this you're not only wasting basically your time and Pinterest updates. because probably your pins will not be seen or shown to anyone.

they will have very low impressions but also you might be violating Community Guidelines.

so if you want to write about something like this you first need to do your search in Pinterest search results and see if your particular focus keyword is already blocked and maybe if it is you need to find another synonym or say it in a different way so you don't have to actually mention those keywords that are prohibited inside your pin title in the text of your pins and in the descriptions of Europeans and then in February 2020 since we're going backward and almost approaching the beginning of the year.

I just wanted to remind you here that in this article I give you a link as well to the other post about the new best practices on Pinterest that were introduced at the beginning of this year mostly they're all focused around one idea key idea isthat you need to create a lot of fresh pins on Pinterest update problems and you need to reduceor moderate the amount of repents that you're doing and then in January back in January there was one of those regular spam cleanups on Pinterest that was going on for about a couple of weeks but in that one I noticed that Pinterest was replying pretty quickly during this wave and most of the people who were suspended they received a message that it was an accident or a mistake and it was fixed for most of the people within but for most of the lighted accounts it was fixed within 24 hours were a few days again just to remind you if you want to always stay on top of any changes and update on interest then join my Pinterest updates course and you will find the link in thede this post mean. while I picked for you a few posts that are perfectly complementary to what I shared with you today you can check them out here and there see in the next post.

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