About me

You already know, I'm a Rahul. But let me simplify that and let you call me 'Das' here! I am a writer, digital writer, tech-savvy, and engineer all invented in one.
I have the latest technical knowledge in place and my love of making things easier for everyone, working with the results of TechRahulTips & trying to bring tech and blogging information in a simple way so that everyone can easily understand it.

What else? I am a well-qualified consultant who can advise you better and can help you drive more customers through your business.

Mostly you will find me working with blogging ideas and funny groups around the world - sometimes all night long. But if you look the other way, you'll catch me playing games lying in bed and looking at all the stupid things like the normal work I do!

I write and talk a lot about blogging, content writing, SEO, affiliate marketing, web hosting, Adsense, and digital marketing. But I would also like to explore the endless possibilities of growing technology in the digital world. You can find all my interests, thoughts, and ideas on blogging strategies and expert recommendations not only to start a successful blog but also to make business growth easier, on my blog.

my Engineering from one of purbusthil Engineering college LIT in Kolkata. I am
into digital marketing from the time when this term did not exist.

About TechRahulTips
TechRahulTips is a great place for all Blogger related stuff. Here you will find some very useful things when it comes to creating, customizing, and maintaining a blog, computer and the Internet This blog is getting better features than things that have been tested with Reading for beginners blog & master as well. This blog contains all the latest, latest, and cool computer tricks, windows tips, Internet tweaks. Solve your problems by browsing the entire blog to find a related solution. We will be posting a very helpful tutorial to improve your skills and enable you to customize the Blog in a way you would never have imagined! That's why the motto "Always Try to Be Better"

All content on this blog is provided under a Commons Creative License, which means you can use the content of this blog, in your posts, but you will have to provide a link to the following post!

TechRahulTips is like a blogger blogging tool, which provides references, hacks, tips, and tricks to help improve your payment experience. Use the label cloud and the advanced search box with some required information, or just browse my posts instead. If you copy a specific code to this blog that links to files on my server, then make sure you upload the files anywhere, so that they do not have to be viewed on my blog server. Because as I read, explore and provide more about blogging, computer management, and growth, faster internet use, I will share my knowledge here, and send easy-to-understand instructions to beginners and older masters as well.

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 Thank you